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Campaign against 20 MPH speed limits


20 MPH speed limits have no road safety benefits which has been conclusively proved by Government research and evidence from the many areas where they have been introduced.

They slow down road users leading to increased journey times and have a significant economic cost as a result. They also cost millions of pounds to introduce due to the signage requirements, a direct burden on all taxpayers.

The police now have a financial motive to enforce them due to the diversion of drivers to speed awareness courses, leading to a rash of more speed cameras.

Don’t let the ignorant and the anti-car groups dictate how you drive. Support this campaign to oppose them.

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Driver Harrassment


Background Harassment Enforcement


The Alliance of British Drivers has launched this campaign. But we do need your support to get the Government and Local Authorities to stop the introduction of 20 MPH speed limits. They are only supported by a minority of misguided fanatics who have not looked at the evidence that says there are no benefits while they impose major costs on road users. Please register your interest in this campaign by clicking on the link below.


20 MPH speed limits do not save lives or reduce accidents. But they do delay drivers and result in speeding fines.

Make sure you oppose 20 MPH speed limits.

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